Monday, November 1, 2010

Placement upgrade

1.) Our group spoke with Mr Carpenter. He gave us and idea of what he wants us to do. And what he asked us to do is a grade 9 geography project about Immigrating families. Our job is to find a way to put some technology into project. My role in the group is to find ways of using for the project.

2.) We have to come up with something for tomorow, because its the due date Mr Carpenter gave us. So monday period was spent working on the project for grade 9s.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


-         Finding online resources for teachers;  (I spend lots of time on computer, so I can have some time dedicated for researches)
-         Finding ways to incorporate technology into existing projects;  (I chose that one, because that was most closest to me out of the rest points, and I think I will be able to find some ways of incorporation technology into existing projects.)

-         Creativity   5-8   (depends on my mood and inspiration)
-         Responsibility   6-8 (most of the time I try to be responsible, but sometimes I fail at it.)
-         Web design    1-3  (I have never created any web sites, so I have no knowledge in it)
-         Developing action plans   8 ( I can organize things in proper order and make an action plans, that's not a big problem to me)
-         Teaching other people  5-10   (well, I think I am good at teaching, I can understand what people mean, and can make them see what I mean. The only problem I have is my language. I am not strong at explaining and teaching in English)
-         Meeting deadlines  6-9   (I try my best to meet all the deadlines, but sometimes I fail...)

3.) I do not think so. ( because of my language)

4.) On my own! I like when the work I am doing only depends on me.

5.)I could work in English. May be history and geography. I would not want to work with media and business.

Enriching technology - conclusion

            Yes, I think my idea is worth pursuing. This is how its going to be done. First we should chose a class or classes we will start of (later will do it to all classes), and start turning its program online. All the handouts and texts should be online. We will teach teachers how to create and keep a blog, for homework and assignment upgrades, just like the one we have in our class. Students may have their own blogs too. Later we will teach them how to use webtools, so they can apply the tools for their home/class works. Basically all we have to do is to make all the classes in our school like IDC class (exceptions are jym, music classes, woodshop and such..). I dont think its that hard. Some teachers even use blogs, its just not as popular as in our class. So the idea is working, we just have to develop it.
            Another, side advantage is that less paper going to be used, which means we save trees. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

enriching technology

Idea:   Make all classes like IDC class

Subject Area:  All subjects

Details:  Our class is a reflection of future! We do not have any paper works and writing, everything is online. We do not have to bring heavy books to the class. Our homework and classwork is done online. Basically our class is all about brainstorming and working online! why not do this in every class?

Technology needed: every student and teacher needs to be able to use computer.

  • Something new-entertaining 
  • no heavy books are needed.
  • no binders, all the handouts are online.
  • less handwriting, more typing (some students prefer to type)
  • advantages of webtools
  • group work could be done without physical meeting (google docs)
  • we have to teach teachers how to use a blog and webtools
What Needs to Happen to Make the Idea Work – Who is Responsible
  1. Our class is responsible
  2. We need to teach teachers how to use a blog and show them how webtools could be used in their classes, so they can choose some of them for their classes and start applying them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

webtool entry


What it is?
xTimeline is a web tool used to create/search timelines.

What it is useful for?
  • Creating timelines;
  • Diary/Agenda;
  • Presentations(presentation mode);
  • Searching of timelines;
  • Simple and fast creating of timelines;
  • Timelines are saved to the site;
  • Timelines are easy to understand;
  • Search option;
  • Media could be added to timeline;
  • Timeline can be divided by periods of time;
  • Can not be used often;
  • Limited design;
Educational applications:
  • History (timeline of historical events);
  • English (timeline of events in a book/timeline of a plot of a book);
  • Science (timeline of chemical reactions)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


for this one we shoud divide our class for three groups:

group #1 will be writing lyrics and recording a song
group #2 will be singing the song and acting for video
group #3 will be recording a video and editing it.

we should discuss on topic and lyrics of the song in class..


well, our school do need new technology!! half of computers in library and in CIC are about to die. We should develop this idea. We also can provide a video of what we do in our class. How serious we take new technology. Not just giving it away to anybody. Making researches, presentations, interviews and surveys. I think that will be the best, to show the work our class is doing.